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Getting Started in Troop 77

Welcome to Troop 77

We look forward to working with your son and to your participation in the various troop activities. We are a long established troop, over 60 years old that is active and growing, and will offer your son many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and learn new life changing skills. We are sure you and your son will enjoy participating in the Troop 77 Scouting program.

To assist you in orienting yourself and your son successfully into Troop 77, we recommend you download, read, and keep a copy of the below linked PDF documents. They are important and useful information resources.

Documents to Turn In / Complete

Along with the BSA Youth Application which we will provide you, below are documents you will need to print, fill out, and turn in if you haven't already.

  1. BSA Youth Application (use the form received at Crossover or ask for one in Scout Hall). Turn in completed and signed with Troop Dues (make checks payable to "Troop 77 BSA").

  2. Troop 77 Consent and Release Form (PDF)
    Signing this document permits us to post pictures of you and your family on our web site, as well as serves as a general activities permission form.

  3. Annual Health and Medical Record Form Troop 77 requires this form (sections A-C) to be filled out and signed by a physician for every Scout, every year. This form must be updated annually and is mandatory to attend Summer Camp. Be sure to include a photocopy of the front and back of your son's insurance card.

  4. Troop 77 Discipline Policy This document describes Troop 77's expectations for Scout behavior and its approach to solving disciplinary issues when action is needed. It is a contract between the Scout and Troop 77 and requires Scout and parental signature.

  5. Parent Interest, Talent, and Leadership Survey
    Use this form to inform us of your talents and interests that will help our Scouting program.

Documents to Read / Keep / Do

  • New Parent & Scout Orientation Guide (PDF)
    This document explains the operation of Troop 77. Both parents and scouts should read its contents. The information will help the Scout and his family understand Scouting and effectively involve them in the troop.

  • Parent Involvement in Troop 77 (PDF) Parent involvement is essential to the success of the scouting program at Troop 77, and will add greatly to your child's enjoyment of the many things Scouting has to offer. This document will help you find and understand one or more meaningful roles in Troop 77.

  • Schedule of Fees and Uniform Cost Projection (PDF)
    This document explains the annual fees required to join Troop 77 and estimates the associated uniform costs.

  • Troop 77 Uniform Guide
    The purpose of this document is to assist New Scouts in purchasing a Boy Scout uniform.

  • Camping, Backpacking, and Personal Equipment Checklist (PDF)
    This document provides a reference/checklist for the equipment and personal gear needed on most troop outings and events. These can be acquired as needed, since the combined list repersents a significant investment if purchasedall at once. You may want to ask the leaders for input and recommendations before making final selections.

    Common considerations on many outings, which will affect your equipment purchase decisions, is the need to stay warm and dry (especially overnight). Below are a couple links to great information:
        - Staying Dry
        - Cold Weather Camping

Steps to Get Started

For new Scouts and their parents, here's what to do to get you started:

  1. Parents should:
  2. Prepare your uniform. Class A uniforms are required at each meeting. Your Troop 77 neckerchief, slide, and troop numerals should have been provided to you at your Crossover ceremony. You are responsible for acquiring your own Atlanta Area Council patch and World Scouting Organization patch and remaining uniform items.
    Click here to learn about patch placement.
  3. Complete the Boy Scout Joining Requirements
  4. Meet with the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference and get your dues paid.
  5. Emails: Troop 77 is an email-oriented troop and relies on email as its primary way to quckly and efficiently distribute troop related information. If you don't read emails, you will miss critical information. Make sure you and your parent or guardian are on the email list. To get added to the list, send an email to email@troop77bsa.com to request addition to the email distribution list. Virginia Sowell, our Troop Communications Coordinator, will add you asap.
  6. Weekly troop meetings are not listed on the Calendar page but are held every Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm unless noted otherwise.
  7. Plan to have your Scout(s) attend all events possible during your first year. This will accelerate rank advancement and help prepare for high-adventure activities.
  8. Attend as many Troop meetings as you can. Don't panic if you can't make every troop meeting. Most Scouts have school, sporting and personal conflicts. Make what you can.
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Have Fun.

The Basics

Youth today have many more demands on their time: school, sports, church, social activities, etc. These activities contribute to the development of our youth, but Scouting impacts our youth in so many positive ways that remain with them throughout their lives. While helping your Scout prioritize his activities and time, please give careful consideration to the time and commitment that Scouting requires to realize full benefit. Regular attendance to (and participation in) Scout meetings and camp outs are the essential activities which teach your Scout the important skills and life lessons that will benefit them now and forever.

We meet every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at Oak Grove United Methodist Church - Scout Hall. Scouts must bring their Scout Handbook and arrive promptly dressed in full "Class A" uniform for each meeting ready for an evening of learning and fun activities.

If you have any questions concerning the linked information, or any other areas of the Scouting program, please feel free to contact the Scoutmaster, Brad Gilmer or the Troop Committee Chair, Gary Guerino (404-281-6253).