Troop Meetings

Visual Aids

When presenting to a large group like the Troop, it is important to have something for the Scouts to look at (other than your smiling face!). In the "Ed Biz", these are called Visual Aids. Some good visual aids might be:

For Skill presentations:

  • "How to" diagrams
  • Items used in performing the skill
  • a Powerpoint or video of the skill in action

For Fact presentations:

  • A poster showing the facts, with pictures
  • Physical objects related to the facts (actual Poison Ivy leaf?!)
  • A dry erase board or easel to draw on

When not to teach

During the course of a long Troop program, the attention of the Scouts will wander- this is normal, and something you should expect to see. It's important to remember to schedule breaks into your agenda- Scouts can only spend so much time sitting before they need to be up and doing. At the same time, they need to be engaged in some activity, so that when it's time to sit back down and listen, they are still a Troop and not a mob!

Watch Sprinkles 
What kind of Scout related "Sprinkles" can you come up with that will let you get the Troop up and moving, without giving up control of the meeting?