Scout Skills: Knots

What do you teach?

The Knots instructor teaches the following knots and hitches:

  • Square knot (TF 4c
  • Clove hitch (FC 7a)
  • Bowline (FC 8a)
  • Two half hitches (TF 4b)
  • Taut line hitch (TF 4b)
  • Timber hitch (FC 7a)
  • Fusing and whipping rope (TF 4a)

The Knots Instructor also teaches lashings (FC 7a): 

  • Square lashing
  • Diagonal lashing
  • Shear lashing
  • Tripod lashing

How do you teach knots?

  • Teach uses, not just weaving! 
    Knots are some of the most useful things we learn in Scouting- use your experience to give some real life examples of how a knot is used, and how important it can be.
  • Know the parts of a rope- These terms are essential to any clear explanation of a knot.
  • Break it down into steps- this makes it easier for you and your student
  • Show why the knot works- what does the standing part wrap around? How is the free end trapped so the knot can't come undone?
  • Explain what makes a good knot: It holds well, but doesn't jam.