Scout Skills: Hiking

What do you teach?

The Hiking instructor teaches the following hiking skills:

  • Rules of safe hiking (TF 5), including:
    • Hiking roads and highways
    • Crossing water
    • What to do if you are lost
    • Trail ettiquette
  • Map and Compass use (SC 1a)
  • Leave No Trace (SC 2)
  • Finding directions without a compass, day or night (FC 1)

How do you teach Hiking?

  1. Emphasize the importance of these skills: Hiking is central to Scouting, so they will use these skills on almost every outing. Also, when they become Patrol Leaders, they will need to use these skills to lead others. All in all, very important!
  2. Notice that there are about equal numbers of hands-on and fact based items to teach. Remember: EDGE for skills, Quiz for facts. See Individual Instruction for more details
  3. For items like Trail Etiquette and Leave No Trace, use humor to back up the lesson- make deliberate mistakes and let the Scout catch you at them!
  4. For map and compass, and finding directions without a compass, be prepared with local maps, a watch, etc.
  5. If you've ever been lost, or ever used your map skills on a high adventure outing, tell them about it!