Scout Skills: Cooking

What do you teach?

The Cooking instructor teaches the following skills:

  • Preparing tinder, kindling and fuel for a cooking fire (SC 3d)
  • Use and safety of cooking fires and camp stoves (SC 3e)
  • Firebuilding and stove lighting (SC 3f)
  • Camp food selection, transport and storage (SC 3g)
  • Menu planning(FC 4a)
  • Grubmastering (FC 4b)
  • Cooking equipment selection and use (FC 4c)
  • Food safety and camp waste handling(FC 4d)
  • Camp cooking- use of fire, stove and dutch oven (FC 4c)

The Cooking Instructor should be prepared to demonstrate the cooking of superior meals on campouts! 

How do you teach cooking?

  • Fire and Stove Skills: These skills are great for teaching with the EDGE method. Explain how to build a fire or light the stove, then Demonstrate, etc. It involves flame, so there will be no problem keeping their attention!
  • Food safety: This is more fact oriented- it's relatively easy to come up with a quiz game to present this information: Pick the right answer and you have a great campout- choose wrong and get a symptom of food poisoning!
  • Planning:Menu planning and grubmastering are best taught by showing examples of menus and shopping lists, and then having the Scout create their own menu and detailed list for either a fictitious or a real campout.