Scout Skills: Camping

What do you teach?

The Camping instructor teaches the following         camping skills:

  • Proper clothing (TF 1)
  • Gear selection (TF 1)
  • Packing (TF 1)
  • Leave No Trace principles (SC 2)
  • Tent site selection and tent pitching (SC 3b)

How do you teach Camping?

  • Gear and clothing selection: Camping gear and clothing are chosen on the basis of the weather and activities planned for the particular campout. So this is a planning exercise. Present several scenarios to the Scout- a winter campout with a 5 mile hike, a weeklong summer camp, a canoe trip. Encourage them to think through the campout one step at a time, and make a list of what each step will require. This is second nature for you now, but try to remember how hard it was at first!
  • Leave No Trace:this falls in under the "facts" category- use the quiz method. Ask the Scouts how they would set up the rules to best protect our outdoor facilities, and guide them to the LNT principles. If they think it through, they'll learn it better. Use humor- show some REALLY bad examples of what not to do!
  • Tent and Pack Skills: Best taught by the EDGE method, using a tent and either a pack or a footlocker. For the tent, explain tent site selection- look out for drainage paths, dangling tree limbs, etc. Then explain the steps in putting up a tent, before demonstrating. For packing, have a container and gear, and show the advantages of properly packing it (easier access, smaller size).
Camping is one of the most fun things we do as Scouts- remind them that these skills will ensure that they'll "be prepared" to enjoy their campouts fully.