Scout Skills

"Each instructor is an older troop member proficient in a Scouting skill. He must also have the ability to teach that skill to others."

Each member of the Instructor Team must have one or more areas of demonstrated expertise- a set of skills that they are able to teach to others. To be able to teach a skill, the Instructor must learn it at a level beyond that required for rank advancement- full mastery of the subject is required. Mastery is demonstrated to the Instructor Team Advisor. For the Troop 77 Instructor Team, Scout Skills have been divided up into categories. Each Instructor must master at least one of the following:


 Requirements: square knot, clove hitch, bowline, two half hitches, taut line hitch, timber hitch, whipping and fusing, lashing (First Class requirement 7a). Knots Details


Requirements: Second Class 3c-g, First Class 4a,b and d.Cooking Details


 Requirements: Tenderfooot 11, Second Class 6. These are the requirements to identify poisonous plants and local wildlife. Wildlife Details

First Aid:
 Requirements: Tenderfoot 12b, Second Class 7a and 7C,First Class 8 b, c and d. These are the basic First Aid requirements. First Aid Details


 Requirements: Tenderfoot 5, Second Class 1a, First Class 1. These requirements include map skills, compass use, finding directions without a compass, hiking equipment and safety. Hiking Details


Requirements: Tenderfoot 1, Second Class 2 and 3b. The Camping Instructor will be able to demonstrate proper selection use and packing of camping equipment, tent site selection and Leave No Trace Principles. Camping Details