Team Roles and Duties

"Each instructor is an older troop member proficient in a Scouting skill. He must also have the ability to teach that skill to others. An instructor typically teaches subjects that Scouts are eager to learn—especially those such as first aid, camping, and backpacking—that are required for outdoor activities and rank advancement." 
-BSA Handbook

The Troop 77 Instructor Team provides First Class, Star and Life Scouts a Position of Responsibility, teaching other Scouts in the Troop basic Scout Skills, demonstrating practical camping and outdoor techniques, and developing and presenting programs to the Troop on important topics from safety to leave no trace to disability awareness.

The Troop 77 Instructor Team consists of from 4-8 Scouts of First Class or higher rank. These Scouts meet as needed to fulfill their Instructor Team duties. The Instructor Team is advised by an adult leader, who is responsible for certifying each team member's competence to teach their chosen skill set(s).


Each member of the Team must have achieved proficiency in one or more of the Instructor Skill Sets:

Instructors serve as a resource for the Team and for the Troop in that Skill Set, helping to Instruct younger Scouts, and to create Troop, Patrol and Campout programs to teach that skillset. For more details click on Scout Skill sets


Specific roles of the Instructor Team include:

  • Instructing Scouts one-on-one in their chosen skillset(s), both at Troop meetings and on Campouts.
  • Make presentations (as a Team) of Scout Skills at Patrol Meetings
  • Create and Present (as a Team) Troop Meeting Programs on topics ranging from Scout Skills to Leave No Trace.