Individual Instruction

EDGE for skills

The key to individual instruction in Scouting is the EDGE method. EDGE stands for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable. Each of these steps is critical to the final outcome: a Scout who has mastered a new skill

  • Explain: This provides a context for the next steps. Tell the Scout(s) what they will be learning. and why it's important. 
  • Demonstrate: Show them how to do the skill. Demonstrate the steps using the actual materials. Describe what you are doing.
  • Guide: Guide and coach them as they practice the skill.
  • Enable: Enable them by letting them do the skill themselves. Make sure they have what they need to succeed.

As a Troop 77 Instructor Team member, you will use the EDGE method frequently, so it's a good idea to review the steps involved, and why they are each important to successful instruction.

For more details, see EDGE Planning

Quiz for facts

Some advancement requirements involve learning information, rather than hands on skills. The best way to teach facts is to ask questions.

We've all been subjected to boring lectures:

  • "Put-a-band-aid-on-a-cut-Put-cool-water-on-a-burn-Put-ointment-on-a-rash-" YAWN!

Questions are much more interesting:

  • So how can we keep this cut from getting infected?
  • What would be a good way to cool down a burn?
  • Do you know of any medicines that can stop itching?

Questions engage the mind, leading to faster, more interactive learning!