Welcome to the Troop 77 Instructor Team training site. Inside you will find information, resources, training videos, planning aids and more, all to help you fulfill the mission of the Instructor Team: To make sure that Troop 77 has the best program and the best Scouts in the BSA!

What is an Instructor?

Instructor is a position of responsibility held by a Scout who has mastered a set of Scout Skills well enough to teach them. The Instructor works one-on-one with Scouts, and also works with other Instructors in the Troop 77 Instructor Team to provide programs for the Troop.

How can I join the Instructor Team?

If you are interested in joining the Team, contact the Team's adult advisor for further information.

What does the Instructor Team do?

The Instructor Team acts together to create and present programs to the Troop and to Patrols, participates as a Team in Advancement Day, presents skill training on campouts and provides support for the individual Instructors

For more information, see Purpose and Roles.