Group Instruction

In instructing a group, the best advice may be this: "Remember, someone in the room is going to have a plan- if it isn't you, it's going to be someone else!"

Instructing a group requires planning, flexiblity and energy, in addition to the skill mastery and EDGE method needed to teach individuals. Each group is a unique opportunity and challenge, with individual memebers who will sometimes help and sometimes interfere with your intentions. The information on this page will help you to "be prepared" for group instruction.

Organizing a presentation

The secret to making an effective presentation to any group is this:

  1. Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em
  2. Tell 'em
  3. Tell 'em what told 'em

Using this structure will get you better attention, and ensure a higher retention of your material than any other format:

  • Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em: Give your audience a quick overview of your presentation- this gives them a framework for the information you give them.
  • Tell 'em: Give them the information- stick to the structure you told them you would use.
  • Tell 'em what you told 'em: Summarize the presentation at the end. Be concise, hit only the "take home message", ie the points you want them to retain

Use these three steps, and you'll have a successful presentation!

Want an example? Look back over this block- See if you can find the three steps being used!

Reaching all members of the group

Instructing a group means every member of the group. In a group setting, its easy to end up focusing on the ones who "get it", who are paying attention and working with you. Of course, the other Scouts- the ones having trouble staying on track, who may even be disrupting the session, are even more likely to be in need of what you're teaching!

Watch this video: The wingman How can this technique be used in: A patrol meeting? A Troop meeting? On a campout?

Time Management

It is important to include hands on activities in Group Instruction- this helps you to maintain the attention of the students. It is also an integral part of the EDGE method. 
Watch Time's Up Remember to include a timer in your list of supplies for your Instruction sessions!